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Head of User Acquisition Playkey Ruslan Sharapov has published an extensive story about the Playkey company Twitch channel. We would like to share its story, highlights and results. Enjoy the translation published in our blog.

A systematic approach to user acquisition is all about working with hypotheses. Sometimes, the conventional ways of getting traffic (FB, Google ads, etc) just are not doing enough.

Just a few days ago we at Playkey summarised the results of one of the longest-running hypotheses. It took me 26 months, that is just a little bit over 2 years.

The Hypothesis: we could make a…

Most modern cloud gaming services run on large data centers hardware. This solution has a fair number of advantages, yet there is also a very noticeable major shortcoming: distance between the server and the user. It may appear insignificant in a fairly small country, but the situation changes when you scale things up. The servers might be located in Moscow, but there will be users from the entire country including Vladivostok. This is when the distance from the servers impacts the ping and user experience.

Besides, while using data centers you are unable to scale things up fast enough. It…

Hello everyone! In the past few months of the new year we have been busy adapting AMD video cards to our service. The best thing about having AMD support is that we could expand our network of miners. Which is a great step forward, as we only have NVIDIA support yet. The difficulty is that there are different encoding software, so we are working on joining the software together in Playkey and making it so that the player would not see any difference.

Most of the research is complete and we are moving on to the testing stage. If no…

Russian gaming portal Cubiq.ru has published a detailed article about Playkey’s Customer Care service. We are proud of our hard work and achievements, so we are publishing an English translation of the publication in our blog.

Maksim Kulikov, lead customer support at Playkey shares some of his observations regarding the impact of the pandemic on users’ behaviour.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on consumer behaviour. The brands customers got to know during the pre-pandemic period got hit the worst. …

2020 has been a rough year, and yet it’s been very productive for Playkey decentralized platform. Out of all our servers 35% are decentralized. The demand for cloud gaming has increased by 1.5 times as Cyberpunk 2077 has been off to a rocky start. And to manage the increased demand during the holiday season we plan to expand the miners network even further, increasing the share of decentralized servers up to 40% by the end of the year.

We anticipated increased demand in December and that is exactly why we’ve developed a simplified algorithm to connect large scale miners, those…

Playkey is now officially supporting blockchain platform Free TON, which uses Telegram Open Network (TON) protocol. Players will be able to receive TON tokens and transfer them to their TON-wallets.

Players will receive 20% cashback for their game time purchases. The exchange rate is 1 TON = $0,5. Tokens will be added to the account automatically, afterwards users will be able to request a payout in their personal account page. These will be monthly payments.

The initiative aims to encourage user loyalty, while also popularizing TON Crystal cryptocurrency.

Playkey is now officially supporting blockchain platform Free TON, which uses Telegram Open Network (TON) protocol. Miners will be able to receive TON tokens and transfer them to their TON-wallets.

Miners will also get a 20% bonus from their payout sum in TON tokens (based on the exchange rate of 1 TON = 0.5$). However, this is only valid for the miners, who opted for the PKT payout option. They will receive their bonuses at the moment of the payout, so there will be no changes in the payout conditions. Miners who receive their payouts in PKT will be able to connect their TON-wallets in their personal accounts. Currently there are no TON token bonuses for those who receive the payouts in rubles.

Hello everyone! It is time to draw conclusions and make new plans! We have expanded our miners network throughout Q2 and Q3 of 2020. There are currently 37 miners from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And we keep accepting new miners, you can fill in the form here. Currently decentralized servers make up a total of 20% of all the servers of our Playkey infrastructure.

Hey! This is a report on what has been going on in the past few months! And let us tell you, these months were very hot in every possible way. The hottest news is that the platform keeps growing. The number of our miners has doubled within the last two months. It is largely connected with the self-isolation period, as a lot of gaming cafes have lost the ability to host clients and are moving their operation online.

Hello everyone! We have been in open beta testing of our decentralized platform for two months with the fixed payment reward system for our miners. We have analyzed all the data collected and decided to move all the miners to a new per-minute based reward system starting 01.07.2020 with each minute of game time on the server evaluated at $0.004. Detailed reasons and conditions are described in this article.

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Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.

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