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If you haven’t yet tried, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide on how to use the current centralized service*. There’s no place for boredom while the decentralized product is in development. Here’s how to pass some time playing games.

How to prepare for gaming

1 — Sign up

First, create an account. To do this, you’ll just need a working email. After entering your email address in the registration form and accepting the Terms of Use, you can immediately access your account. A service-generated password will be sent to your email. It’s best to change this to something that’s more convenient for you.

2 — Confirm your email

Although this isn’t a mandatory step, this is the only way for you to restore access to your account if you forget your password. Also, some games in the catalog are accessible only for users with confirmed emails. Moreover, confirming an email will add 15 minutes of free play time for demo games.

3 — Download the Playkey client

In order to play via the Playkey cloud, you need to download the client. The service will automatically detect which client your device needs.

How to try out the service

1 — Launch a demo game

Each region has its own demo games available. They can be played for 15 minutes. After launching a game, you must confirm that you’re acquainted with its Terms of Use. Upon launching, the client will check your internet speed and suggest the conditions under which the service will work better.

2 — Test the service

While playing a demo game, you should pay attention to the quality of the graphics. If you’re using Wi-Fi, the quality might not be as good as when using a wired connection.

How can I create a subscription?

1 — Choose a service plan

There are three service plans available to users. Two plans have a limit on monthly gaming hours, while the third plan is unlimited. If it’s difficult for you to decide which plan you need, we recommend choosing the medium plan that offers 200 hours of play time a month. If needed, you can then buy extra minutes or switch to the unlimited plan for a small surcharge.

2 — Pay for the subscription

To subscribe, you just need to enter your card information and wait for the confirmation. In the future, you will be automatically charged each month for your subscription in accordance with your service plan. You can cancel autopay or change plans at any time on your account page.

How do I launch a game?

1 — Create accounts on gaming platforms

To access most of the games in the Playkey catalog, you need accounts on popular gaming platforms like Steam, Rockstar Social Club, and You can create these accounts via the following links: Steam account, Rockstar account, account.

2 — Get familiar with the catalog has two kinds of games — paid (those that need an activation key from gaming platforms) and subscription-based (those that can be played for free if you have a subscription). You can view all the available games or choose to view games from a particular category. Games can also be filtered by genre.

3 — Choose a game in the catalog

You will find a gaming platform icon on the preview page of every game. To launch the game, you’ll need the platform’s key. From the game’s description page, you can view the trailer, launch configuration, and parameters, which will give you an idea of how to play and how many players can play the game.

4 — Pay for the game

If you don’t have the activation key for a selected game, you need to purchase it on the corresponding gaming platform. Some keys may be purchased directly on Playkey. By pressing the required button, you’ll land on the page where you must enter your card information. For the other games Playkey offers a direct payment link to the gaming platform’s site.

5 Activate the game key

The key purchased for the game must be activated in the gaming platform’s client. It is usually sent to the email you used to register your account on the platform. If you purchased the key on Playkey, it will be displayed in your account as well.

6 — Launch the game

If the Playkey client isn’t open, your browser will ask for a permission to launch the application. The game may then ask you to enter your username and password for the gaming platform. Rest assured that the data transfer is encrypted and that Playkey doesn’t store your passwords in any form — this type of authorization is secure. Also, the platform will ask you to enter a special verification code. Steam, for example, will ask for a Steam Guard code.

7 — Start the game

No additional activation keys are needed to start the game. Playkey receives this information from your gaming platform account. For example, if you already had Steam game saves from earlier, Playkey will copy them into the cloud so that you don’t need to start the game from scratch.

How to play

1 — It’s like the game is running on your own computer

No extra actions are required for gaming. You will be able to access the game in the same way as if it were installed on your PC or laptop.

2 — Don’t worry about saving your progress

Your progress will be automatically saved to the Playkey cloud as well to the gaming platform clouds that support this feature. Your game saves will be stored for one year.

If you have trouble

— With controls or graphics

Check your internet quality and connection type. We do not recommend using Wi-Fi. Check your internet bandwidth load and, if necessary, shut down unneeded downloads, updates, etc. This problem may also occur if instead of the video card, the processor was used for decoding. You can check this by opening the streaming console with Ctrl+F1 and finding the one of the two abbreviations: HW (video card) or SW (processor).

— Activating a key

Make sure that you’re not activating a key that you purchased on one gaming platform (for example, Steam) on another service (for example, Uplay). This problem may also occur if you’ve purchased a key for a region that is different to the one for which you’re using

— With other features

If something still isn’t working quite right or you’re not able to resolve issues on your own, you can contact our support team. Happy gaming on!

*Product description valid as of March 2018

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