News of the Playkey platform: miners are now being paid on a per-minute based system instead of a fixed sum

July 2020 marks the beginning of the new stage of an open beta testing program for miners. The reward system is being changed. From that moment instead of being a fixed sum the reward for miners will depend on the total amount of time users spend gaming on the hardware.

When will it happen?

All currently connected to the network miners will be switched to the per-minute based reward system on the 1st of July.

For the already connected users there is an option to add more machines to the network. For machines added before July 1st the fixed payment reward system will be applied. If you would like to connect more machines and use the time-based reward system sooner, please contact the support.

For all miners who will be joining us the new system is available starting today.

Why is the reward system being changed?

In fact, the per-minute model was initially planned as a part of the project. However, due to the pandemic crisis and an earlier launch of the platform it was decided to begin with fixed sums ($50 per month). This decision was made in order to help miners and owners of gaming cafes to make their decision sooner.

During the open beta testing that went on for a month and a half we have noticed that in some regions people play a lot, whereas in others people play significantly less. And yet, the reward would be the same. This is why the fixed sum is not a valid way to reward miners. This is simply not fair, especially when with more user traffic come more expenses, such as hardware maintenance and electricity bills.

Besides, when connection issues occurred, some miners were taking their time to get the hardware back online. The new reward system will be a good motivator for these miners to resolve the issues.

And lastly, we want miners to be full-fledged partners of Playkey and we want them to earn with us.

How will it impact the income?

We are introducing a time-based reward system, $0.004 per minute of gaming on miner’s hardware. The server load time depends on a variety of factors: time of the year, region, network coverage and machine configuration. In theory, with 100% of use time you can make $172 ($0.004*60*24*30). In practice, according to our beta-testing results, quality hardware sees about 47% of usage time. Which is equivalent to $80.84 which is much more than the fixed $50 offered previously.

The usage data for the hardware will be available on The payout dates will not change, once a month between 5th and 10th of each month, following the reporting period.

  • in PKT tokens to your Ethereum wallet with a 30% bonus — so, for example, if your reward is $100 you get $130;
  • in RUB to a business account (Private Limited Company or Sole Proprietorship accounts), a contract is required;
  • in your preferred currency via a general contractor service (Solar Staff and similar services) or through a contract as a natural person with a 25% commission rate, so if you make $100 you get $75.

In cases when you opt for the payouts in PKT or RUB the sum will be equal to your reward in USD for the day of the payout.

How to earn more with Playkey?

Popular miners do not need to do anything else, all they have to do is to maintain the same level of server usage.

If your server usage is low and you think you might make less than $50 a month, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Monitor the uptime of your servers in the Admin page.
  2. Check and analyze the data available to you.
  3. Contact support to install the newest and most popular game titles for your region.
  4. Use more powerful hardware to increase the variety of games that can be played (for instance, Warzone is more demanding than GTA V).
  5. Use a high quality internet connection. More bandwidth means more users playing on your hardware.
  6. Follow the telegram community, you can find helpful tips shared there.
  7. Do not hesitate to ask questions via email or in the chat you can find in your personal account.
  8. Join the private telegram channel that is accessible for connected miners only.

Following these steps will attract more players to your servers. Besides, you can also ask the tech support to make sure that your hardware is used as efficiently as possible.

Switching to the new rewards system is a part of our plan of launching decentralized Playkey platform. You can also suggest your own creative ideas in the comments or, better yet, send them directly to us via email or chat in your personal page. We also discuss all the changes and updates in your telegram channel.

All the information on connecting miners, hardware requirements of the machines, payout details and all the information can be found at




Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.

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Playkey Team

Playkey Team

Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.

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