Playkey DevLog. Issue 44

Hello everyone! We have been in open beta testing of our decentralized platform for two months with the fixed payment reward system for our miners. We have analyzed all the data collected and decided to move all the miners to a new per-minute based reward system starting 01.07.2020 with each minute of game time on the server evaluated at $0.004. Detailed reasons and conditions are described in this article.

The news from the developers is as follows.

On top of that we added a few more games for miners’ servers, including GTA V from Epic Games (the game that they were giving away for free).

In the nearest future we plan to optimize game updates. We implement the feature that will enable download of the update for a single machine in the network, that will later on redistribute that update to other machines in the same network. This is our first step towards complete decentralization, when updates will be shared using BitTorrent technology. This will significantly lower the time it takes for the updates to reach miners’ hardware.

In the long-term perspective we intend to implement detailed data collection from miners’ machines and set up the analytics in their personal accounts. This is all the news for this month. See you in the next one!

Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.