Playkey DevLog. Issue 44

  • We added the support for SSD caching in order to increase performance. So, if there is a large HDD and a smaller SSD, we will cache the data, so that the users spend more time enjoying games rather than waiting for the levels to load.
  • Improved storage management. Updating games requires two times less the amount of traffic.
  • Implemented free space control for miners’ disks. A new game will no longer be downloaded unless there is enough space for it. We also added a functionality to reserve disk space for the games being downloaded.
  • Automatic miner’s hardware info collection (CPU, GPU, RAM, Drivers) has been set up. This helps us determine the optimal set of games for each hardware.



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Playkey Team

Playkey Team


Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.