Playkey DevLog. Issue 46

Playkey Team
2 min readSep 30, 2020

Hello everyone! It is time to draw conclusions and make new plans! We have expanded our miners network throughout Q2 and Q3 of 2020. There are currently 37 miners from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And we keep accepting new miners, you can fill in the form here. Currently decentralized servers make up a total of 20% of all the servers of our Playkey infrastructure.

This picture is here just to keep your attention

A new system has been developed to allow games to be run from Network Attached Storage (NAS). We talked about it in the previous DevLog issue. Long story short, this is a smart and elegant solution for the problem of storage space. An average home use drive is good for storing a few videos and few games, say five or six. Whereas a miner’s hardware needs at least twenty of the top Playkey games, so that the players would have a selection of games to choose from. NAS can store hundreds of games that are accessible at any given moment. In fact, servers with NAS solutions saw a 2.5x increase in playtime.

Plans for the nearest future:

  • implementing a payout system for miners’ personal accounts (as of now the payouts are manual, but that is about to change!);
  • adding an option for a player to choose miners’ servers. The process is automated and depends on server load and ping, and to get to a local server players sometimes have to reconnect several times; that needs to be changed;
  • expanding miners network in terms of both density and geography.

That’s all folks! See you in the next issue of DevLog.



Playkey Team

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