Playkey DevLog. Issue 48

Hello everyone! In the past few months of the new year we have been busy adapting AMD video cards to our service. The best thing about having AMD support is that we could expand our network of miners. Which is a great step forward, as we only have NVIDIA support yet. The difficulty is that there are different encoding software, so we are working on joining the software together in Playkey and making it so that the player would not see any difference.

Most of the research is complete and we are moving on to the testing stage. If no new issues appear, we plan on finishing the quality settings controls and picking the optimal codec settings. Then we will be able to start accepting miners with AMD video cards.

We have also solved the problem of optimizing server usage. And we did that by introducing traditional mining! To make the most out of a server it has to be active all the time, 24/7. This is impossible in real life as the server’s usage is linked to players’ activity. Most of the community has a certain lifestyle they share, they either work or study from 8:00 to 19:00 and they have some spare time from 19:00 to midnight before going to sleep. Hence, in the daytime and late at night the servers are not 100% in use. That’s a challenging task.

We solved it by mining ETH when the server is not in use by gamers. Now once the settings file on the host machine is configured, it will automatically start mining if there are no players. This means that the profit is made all the time. All the ETH that is mined is sent directly to the miner’s wallet, which is added in the config file. The amount that can be mined depends on the video card. Up to date information can be found online, for instance on

Looking forward to ETH staying strong! See you next time!

Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.