What is known about Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord goes to the premiere by a long way — the announcement was made in September 2012. Recently, developers from the Turkish TaleWorlds Entertainment announced that there will be a closed beta test in the near future, which means — release is around the corner. To meet it in full possession of the facts, read our material.


Mount & Blade 2 serves as a prequel to Mount & Blade: Warband — events are moved two centuries before it. The authors are inspired by the era of the Great Migration and the formation of medieval European, Middle Eastern and North African states. Calradia, which is in decline will be an analogue of the Roman Empire.

Architecture, weapons and armor comply with real prototypes of the 6th — 11th centuries. All parts have their own history, culture and approach to the conduct of war. Well, as you remember, there is no room for magic and fantasy creatures in the fictional M&B universe.

Character evolution

PC Gamer magazine called Mount & Blade 2 “the most ambitious open world RPG since Skyrim”. In fact, this is a very general description of the game, connecting the features of RPG, action and strategy.

As in the original, you will start the journey with the sword and the faithful horse. But not — first of all You will create a character. TaleWorlds pays special attention to its editor: in 2012–2017, it rewrote it three times from scratch. Here is one of the explanations for the protracted development.

The system of upgrading includes unique character traits, skills and perks. There are two dozen of skills, hundreds of perks. Skills develop as they are used. Speeding up the upgrading is possible by putting “focus points” (they are given with the reaching of new “levels”) in the skill. By the way, not only the hero’s skills, but also the fighters of his group improve.


Soldiers in M&B 2 can be bought in large quantities in lords and other important NPCs for gold. The warmer your relationships with this NPC — the more powerful are the groups. How to improve relationships? Raise your reputation. Know that all lords have their own desires and preferences, and you can play the card. But, an alliance with a lord can lead to disagreements with another … In general to organize alliances quickly will not work out in Bannerlord.


You will see detailed castles, knights, merchants and bandits on the global M&B 2 map. Travel answering the call of the heart. Of course, in the beginning it is easy to stumble upon a strong opponent and to be captured, but it is really possible to escape from captivity and “restart” the career of an itinerant mercenary.

According to the concept, M&B 2 remained familiar “sandbox”. Quests are randomly generated from pre-made templates. In the sequel, TaleWorlds complicated the algorithm, plus now the missions are connected with what is happening in the world. That is, you will have a task to track down the robbers in a settlement only if there is ravage and gangsters really attacked the settlement in the region. The traditional campaign is also promised — it is made especially for beginners, so that they get acquainted with the features of the M&B gameplay.

Bannerlord innovation will be that you can access the NPC with quests in the city directly through the menu. It is easy to get into various buildings and institutions from it. Want to take a walk? Then forget about the “teleport”. Moreover, this is not without interest: there are many more “points of conflict” in the cities than in the past, for example, lanes where gangsters may settle. Let`s suppose a merchant asks you to clear one such lane, at your choice you can follow his instructions or join the criminals. Quests in M&B 2 have many solutions.

Battles and Sieges

The battles and sieges of fortresses in M&B 2 impress in scale. How many soldiers will simultaneously meet on the battlefield? Hundreds. The developers have not yet clarified the upper limit.

AI gets smarter — it can be seen from the gameplay videos. Noticing that you put the arrow on the string, the enemy warrior will certainly throw up a shield. Attention to detail is also at the best. If you dip in a meat grinder, you will blood out.

In the case of large armies, group guidance is distributed among several commanders, and you can receive orders from the lord. Also you can give the orders. Distributing tasks between infantry, cavalrymen and archers is easy. You are free to climb a hill and, from a safe distance, tell your followers how to attack. And if you want, you can cut through the enemy on the go.

As for the storming of the castles, then catapults, towers, stairs and other siege weapons are at your service. You can slowly crush the gate with an ax, but it is better to roll the ram. Defenders of the fortress are also not deprived of the possibilities (see video below).

What else?

M&B 2 is not for nothing called a hybrid Skyrim and Crusader Kings 2 in the press — your ownership can go to the heirs. The economic system is also well developed: it is allowed to buy breweries, tanneries, stables, mills and other buildings in cities that will generate income. Regarding side activities it is known about tournaments and table games. The seasons and weather can also be changed in M&B 2. The creators of the TaleWorlds “modes” promised that the new engine will be more flexible and with interesting options. The studio has not yet decided whether to add joint passage campaign or not.

M&B 2 will be more accessible for beginners and will not disappoint veterans. The feeling of the sandbox and land Pirates! will not disappear. Scale and diversity will grow. Looking at this game, you do not stop wondering — Why it still does not have a release date?

Until M&B 2 releases, you’ll have to replay Mount & Blade: Warband. It, by the way, is present in the catalog of our cloud platform Playkey.net. If you do not have a gaming PC — join us, at the same time it will not be necessary to update the computer for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.




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Playkey Team

Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.

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