Why GTX 1660 Ti is so good?

On February 22, NVIDIA should officially present GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. Judging by what is known about it, the model will serve as a budget replacement for RTX 2060. We have collected all the known data about the new product and you will decide whether it is worth attention or not.

GTX 1660 Ti performance was shown in several benchmarks, so that you can already get some idea of ​​its specs and performance.

The frequency range is 15001770 MHz vs. 1365–1680 for RTX 2060. There are 1,536 CUDA cores (RTX 2060 has 1920), 96 texture units (RTX 2060 has 120). Turing TU116-A400 is used as a graphic processor and it’s important that it’s a full version of Turing TU106.

Interestingly, GTX 1660 Ti has with 192 tensor cores responsible for the smart DLSS rendering. Probably, the new card will also get RT-cores, although we had leaks, confirming the opposite version.

However, RT and tensor cores still do not provide a huge advantage. Only Battlefield 5, Metro: Exodus got RTX support, while DLSS is supported only by Final Fantasy 15 and Metro: Exodus.

GTX 1660 Ti outperformed GTX 1060 and slightly lost to Maxwell Titan X in the Final Fantasy 15 benchmark at 1440p on high settings. That’s a quite impressive result!

The card got 4800 points in Ashes of the Singularity benchmark in Crazy mode at 1080p. GTX 1070 got a slightly higher score — 4900, while GTX 1060 is well behind (3800), and RTX 2060 is way ahead (5500).

Finally, GTX 1660 Ti result leaked in the Geekbench benchmark database. According to the data, it has 24 computing units, 1880 MHz frequency and 6 GB of memory. Paired with the Intel Core i7–8700K and 16 GB of RAM, the card got 191,416 points in the OpenCL test.

The performance of GTX 1660 Ti was 10% higher than GTX 1070 Ti and almost the same as GTX 1080.

In addition, we got information about third-party versions of GTX 1660 Ti from Zotac, Galax, MSI (Gaming X), Gigabyte (Gaming OC), ASUS (all series, including ROG Strix), as well as EVGA and Palit compact cards.

GTX 1660 Ti models are equipped with an 8-pin power connector, 2–3 fans and 3 or 6 GB of GDDR6 memory.

GTX 1660 Ti has already appeared on Amazon — priced at £ 286. In Australia, the card was offered for 475 Australian dollars. According to unofficial data, MSRP will be $ 279.

It seems to be all right, isn’t it? And now let’s take a look at the Steam statistics for January. The share of RTX cards among the users of the store is … less than 0.8%. As long as there are no games supporting RTX and DLSS, players won’t need new graphic cards.

The most popular card in Steam is GTX 1060 (14.3%) and no wonder why NVIDIA has released the budget version of RTX 2060.

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